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Yiqun Liu / YiqunLIU/刘奕群(in Chinese)

Ph.D & Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Sci. & Tech.
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research area: Web Search Technology, Information Retrieval, User Behavior Analysis.
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Recent Research Issues

  • Class "Fundamentals Of Search Engine Technology" (THU 40240762) for undergraduate students (cowork with Baidu.com)
  • Class "Commercial Search Engine Products: Theory, Design and Practice" (THU 80240482) for graduate students (cowork with Google.com)
  • Web User Browsing Graph
  • Web spam detection
  • Search Evaluation Demo: SearchE.thuir.cn
  • User behavior analysis based on log mining (cowork with Sogou.com Labs)

PHD thesis: Research on Web Information Retrieval Based on Global Scale User Behavior Analysis

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